Many Gifts Menorah

Many Gifts Menorah by Michael Terra

From the Michael Terra Gallery

Category: Ceramics

Title: Many Gifts Menorah

Description: This is truly a Michael and Victoria collaboration. Our concept; Michael’s design. Used in our house for years and we’re finally sharing it with the world. Each night of Hanukkah is a celebration of a gift in our lives. You get to choose what night you want to recognize what gift. Friendship, Wisdom, Music, Home, Reverence, Family, Things, & Laughter; all lit with the Spirit of Love (the shamus). Each piece comes in its own separate satin pouch all together in a luscious velvet bag. Included is a card telling you our concept and explaining each gift. *Hanukkah candles are not included with this Menorah. *Yippee…free shipping!

Color: blue oxide over white stoneware

Material: Stoneware

Technique: Hand-Built


Shipping: $0.00

Price: $115.00