The Activation Angel

The Activation Angel by Lori Daniel Falk
  • The Activation Angel by Lori Daniel Falk
  • The Activation Angel by Lori Daniel Falk

From the Lori Daniel Falk Gallery

Category: Drawings and Pen & Ink

Title: The Activation Angel

Description: This beautiful angelic art print, was created by Visionary Artist, Lori Daniel Falk. The Activation Angel’s message is simple, it’s time to train the next level of Angelic Ambassadors. As St. Germain told us awhile back, “If you ever thought you might be a Lightworker, YOU ARE! If you’re already a Lightworker, you’re being asked to step it up a notch as Mother Earth needs you NOW!” My experience with this angel is simply that it activates everything it is near … specifically YOU! So bring it into your home, your office, your environment and watch as things begin to take on a life of their own. Nothing seems to stay the same once it’s been “activated” by this angel. Your world will seem larger, your mission more intensely significant, your life somehow is just not the same. There’s an intensity energetically pouring from this angel that simply will not allow things to be status quo. So if you want your mission ignited … if you want to make a difference in this world … then the Activation Angel is quite simply your gal! Pastel chalk on paper.

Theme: Abstract

Color: Pop Color

Finish: Art Only

Edition: Original

Surface: Board

Medium: Chalk/Pastels

Dimensions: 16 inches wide, 20 inches tall

Shipping: $150.00

Price: $4500.00