The 80s (SOLD)

The 80s (SOLD) by Justin Stankus

From the Justin Stankus Gallery

Category: Paintings: Acrylic

Title: The 80s (SOLD)

Description: This piece has been sold and is no longer available. Pieces will remain on the website for portfolio serving reasons. The original was damaged so a proper replica was made as a substitute. It turned out fantastic. This is a watered down version of the original, but the same idea exists. I made this with the idea that it could hang above a white couch.

Theme: Abstract

Color: green grey, light portrait pink, red ochre, parchment

Material: Canvas

Texture: Flat

Finish: Canvas Wrapped

Edition: 1

Dimensions: 3 feet wide, 3 feet tall, 2 inches as its depth

Shipping: $0.00

Price: $10000000000000000000000000.00