Sunken by Justin Stankus

From the Justin Stankus Gallery

Category: Paintings: Acrylic

Title: Sunken

Description: If you like heavy abstracts, this is for you. The art itself is very glossy, bold, and tribal. No smear in this is hesitated. The colors are very sharp and provide one with a feeling of culture. A face that appears to look like MF doom is in there as well. This wasn't the idea, but leaving it gives the overall artwork a nice "stone hedge" emotion.

Theme: Abstract

Color: red, light blue, dove grey, crimson, crimson hue mix, mars black, parchment, beige, copper, red oxide, mixed reds and browns for clay coloring, paynes grey for accents

Material: Canvas

Texture: Flat

Finish: Canvas Wrapped

Dimensions: 20 inches wide, 20 inches tall, 1 inch as its depth

Shipping: $50.00

Price: $265.00