'Steps and Table'

'Steps and Table' by zeny cieslikowski

From the zeny cieslikowski Gallery

Category: Photographs

Title: 'Steps and Table'

Description: I liked everything about this interior scene that I stumbled onto in Morelia; I just had to find the right composition in this large room. The muted colors all work well together and everything is enhanced by light coming from the top of the stairs. One's eye is drawn to the table and blue light, completing the composition.

Theme: Botanical & Still Life

Color: Tan, Bronze, yellow, Reddish-Orange, Blue

Finish: Art Only

Edition: 2 16x20's remaining from the edition of 150. Signed, numbered, location & title noted

Style: Color

Surface: Paper

Dimensions: 16 inches wide, 20 inches tall, 1 inch as its depth

Shipping: $12.00

Price: $150.00