Solitude at the Gate

Solitude at the Gate by Benjamin Reuter

From the Benjamin Reuter Gallery

Category: Watercolor

Title: Solitude at the Gate

Description: Here we have an original watercolor depicting a rather simple but intriguing subject matter typical to that of the Dutch Baroque era. The calming mood piece displays a harmonious but simple landscape scene typical of that time. The peaceful subject matter serves quite nicely for the purposes of household decor and signifies a deep appreciation for the careful artistic decisions of the attentive artist, likewise, the knowledgeable viewer. The piece is an original watercolor on paper with a double mat and mounted on foam core backing. The image is 11"x14" (16"x19" with mat).

Theme: Landscape

Color: Earth Tones

Finish: Other

Edition: Original

Dimensions: 14 inches wide, 11 inches tall

Shipping: $10.00

Price: $90.00