REDEFINITION by Samuel Prophask Asamoah

From the Samuel Prophask Asamoah Gallery

Category: Paintings: Acrylic


Description: This is a colourful composition of feminine forms portraying some qualities of true beauty. People solely associate beauty with the outward appearance. In my perception, definition for beauty transcends the physical aesthetics. One’s ability and inner qualities also form part of one’s true beauty. While some of the female figures in this piece are exhibiting the pleasant aesthetic qualities, the lady with a child surrounded by musical instruments (flutes) represent love, kindness, affection and unique potentials. True beauty must reflect both the outward and the inner qualities.

Theme: Abstract

Color: Red, Blue, Gold, Brown, purple

Material: Canvas

Texture: Palette Knife

Finish: Art Only

Edition: 100

Dimensions: 24 inches wide, 47 inches tall

Shipping: $160.00

Price: $2150.00