PANORAMA 1 by Samuel Prophask Asamoah

From the Samuel Prophask Asamoah Gallery

Category: Paintings: Acrylic


Description: This panoramic rendition in sunset mood symbolizes the passage of time and mystery of life itself. The journey of life is full of mysteries and diverse encounters but we must keep in mind that no situation is permanent. Sun rises and sets at its time, so are the situations in life. Anything with a beginning has an end. We should not give up no matter how a condition may seem. Always remember, it is just a matter of time.

Theme: Cityscape

Color: Red, Blue, Gold, Brown, purple

Material: Canvas

Texture: Palette Knife

Finish: Art Only

Edition: 100

Dimensions: 16 inches wide, 20 inches tall

Shipping: $60.00

Price: $500.00