Monteriggioni Public Park 15.6 x 12

Monteriggioni Public Park 15.6 x 12 by Jim Young

From the Jim Young Gallery

Category: Paintings: Oil

Title: Monteriggioni Public Park 15.6 x 12

Description: Monteriggioni is an interesting medieval hilltop town in the Siena province of Tuscany, Italy. The town is perhaps best known for its well preserved circular city walls studded with 14 towers. The town was built in the 13th century and retains essentially the same structure to this date. Wandering through this town, and walking along its ancient walls, provides a glimpse of medieval times. Dante is known to have used Monteriggioni as a model in writing The Divine Comedy. The town was also featured in the filming of Assassin’s Creed. This painting depicts the simple and quaint public park (giardino pubblico) of Monteriggioni.

Theme: Landscape

Material: Gypsum Fiber Board

Texture: Brushed

Finish: Framed

Dimensions: 16 inches wide, 12 inches tall

Shipping: $0.00

Price: $310.00