Abode of the Lumberjack

Abode of the Lumberjack by Benjamin Reuter

From the Benjamin Reuter Gallery

Category: Watercolor

Title: Abode of the Lumberjack

Description: A fine cabin scene is appealing to all audiences, and the quaint setting provides a soothing viewing experience. The use of rich tones and saturated primaries seen in the sky and luscious growth is a common classical style and has been used in much historical as well as modern art. The wise viewer will appreciate the brushwork in such areas as the cabin detail and reflections in the water. The perception of deep space and smooth texture makes for a piece that can be consumed by the casual buyer or the finest of art connoisseurs. The piece is an original watercolor on paper, unframed.

Theme: Landscape

Color: Warm Tones

Finish: Art Only

Edition: Original

Dimensions: 20 inches wide, 16 inches tall

Shipping: $20.00

Price: $115.00