Is Brass Turquoise?

Is Brass Turquoise? by Deborah Potash Brodie

From the Deborah Potash Brodie Gallery

Category: Miscellaneous

Title: Is Brass Turquoise?

Description: Salvaged, recycled, and upscaled, these candlesticks are old enough that the candle cup and base are welded to the stem. Vintage brass has been given new life utilizing heat resistant and dishwasher safe paint. Turquoise blue base and wax catcher embellished with accent colors of pewter and copper. Simple and elegant. Bring a touch of the past seasoned with a dash of the future into your life. (weight for pair 8 oz., use with LED candles too)

Color: Blue base, copper ,red, gold, trim

Material: Other

Metal: Non-Precious Metals

Gender: Unisex

Dimensions: 3 inches wide, 5 inches tall

Shipping: $15.00

Price: $22.00