Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves by Kyra Richter

From the Kyra Richter Gallery

Category: Watercolor

Title: Autumn Leaves

Description: The leaf frumple, momma and her children come down from the trees in the fall to play and say good bye to the leaves they cared for and love. Leaf frumples, much like all other frumples, are very shy. But since every tree has many leaves, leaf frumples are the most common because trees need many frumples to care for the leaves. A sick tree means it has no frumples to keep the leaves loved and cared for, but that's because frumples don't like loud noise or pollution. They also don't like you burning leaves, because fallen leaves are very useful. They can be composted to make amazingly rich soil, or, left in areas where you don't want too much growth, their natural decomposition will slow down the growth plants. I always used them for both purposes and it made my spring gardening much easier. My leaf frumples were very numerous, and very happy!

Theme: Art for Children

Color: Earth Tones

Finish: Other

Edition: Limited Edition

Dimensions: 11 inches wide, 8 inches tall

Shipping: $3.00

Price: $35.00