Aquaman by Justin Stankus

From the Justin Stankus Gallery

Category: Paintings: Acrylic

Title: Aquaman

Description: Originally, this piece was called "Atlantic", but I could just hear that hipster yelling in my head "IT LOOKS LIKE AQUAMAN" derp der derp so I just named it that. I'm glad I did...cuz it DOES look like aqua man. But there is a reason, now I know, why these colors are used for a large audience...They are VERY soothing to the eye. These colors of blue and gold mixed with an aquatic green really make one feel royally spiritual.

Theme: Abstract

Color: blue, aquatic blues, navy/marine, gold, mars black, solid bronze, ivory black, payne's grey

Material: Canvas

Texture: Brushed

Finish: Canvas Wrapped

Dimensions: 24 inches wide, 24 inches tall, 1 inch as its depth

Shipping: $25.00

Price: $245.00