M.10 by Isabelle Gougenheim
  • M.10 by Isabelle Gougenheim
  • M.10 by Isabelle Gougenheim

From the Isabelle Gougenheim Gallery

Category: Drawings and Pen & Ink

Title: M.10

Description: Life is fluid, always moving, always changing. Its flowy strokes and characters represent the beauty in movement and fluidity, the calm in the storm and the constant change that exists in the world, as well as the ability for one stroke to make an astronomically massive difference. The Wave is part of the Spring 2020 artwork collection created by Isabelle Gougenheim.

Theme: Abstract

Color: Pink, black neon Orange

Finish: Art Only

Edition: 1

Surface: Canvas

Medium: Brush and Ink

Dimensions: 5 feet wide, 6 feet tall

Shipping: $10.00

Price: $4900.00