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Tatiana Guarino

Tatianaguarino Gallery

"Sudden Art"

P e r s o n a l B a c k g r o u n d Tatiana was born in Eastern Europe where she lived with her family in a natural environment surrounded by Nature. In this setting she experienced an abundance of peace and solitude that allowed her to discover and develop her natural talent for art in the form of drawing, painting , and photography. E d u c a t i o n After finishing school...

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... with advanced degrees, Tatiana took a traditional job in a field of accounting. However, this was no match for her love of the arts.

In effort to be surrounded by creativity, she began working with children, teaching them art the art she had come to love so much.

Tatiana eventually follower her heart and decided to dedicate more time to doing what she loves, focusing her creative energies to bring happiness to herself and others. Her passion and love for artistic expression shows up everywhere in her work.

M i s s i o n

Tatiana's desire is to aspire others with her work; to help them experience more beauty and happiness, not only in her art, but in their lives as a whole.
Her talent manifests in several different genres, particularly photography and oil painting.

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Medium  mg 1779

The Dream for Venus
Paintings: Oil