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Susan Sances

Protraits: Women And Birds Gallery

"Like my art, birds are vulnerable creatures yet strong enough to fly across nations."

I am a fiber artist and a retired clinical psychologist. The women in my heritage were gifted makers who taught me many skills using fabric, yarn, and thread. Our work was in the tradition of women who made practical and also beautiful objects. My initiation into quilting began with traditional patterns and fabrics. From there my work has evolved into quilt art with a focus on portraits,...

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... often of women and birds. These subjects allow me to express the contributions of both to our culture and environment. At heart I am a conservationist, interested in conserving the true nature of women in our civilization; committed to preserving a world where birds continue to nurture us.

I have studied with some very talented quilt artists and learned both techniques and the spirit that inhabits their work. It is my hope that I can convey that spirit as I continue to develop my practice.

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Indian Man Feeding Birds
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Coming Into Focus
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

Medium peacock final

Peacock in Maui
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

Medium heron in sanibel

Heron in Sanibel
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Zinnia from Bud to Flower
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Ostrich in Israel
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Coopers Hawk on Bird Bath
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings