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Ruben Medina


"Mother Nature and underwater scenarios are what inspire me to create my artworks."

Visit my website From the time I was 11 years old, I discovered my passion for modeling and since that time art has always been at the core of my being - I always knew I was destined to sculpt. After receiving a Bachelor of Sculpture and Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in “San Alejandro” Havana, Cuba, I began perfecting my craft until I decided that growth was not...

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... sustainable while I remained in Cuba. At 29 years of age I left my home country to pursuit of my passion. Being a sculptor, I wanted to work with my favorite mediums of marble and bronze so I followed my heart to the epicenter of art and the renaissance of the great classical sculptors, Italy. The land of Donatello, Cellini, and my inspiration, the great Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In Italy I had the opportunity to enrich and perfect my technique of processing these materials.

My entry into the professional world of sculpting was when I opened my own studio in Milan, Italy, in 2003, thanks to the considerable efforts of my wife Federica and my father-in-law Enzo, who helped me get my foot in the door. At that time, I specialized in the realization of monumental sculptures. I perfected my craft in working marble with a process based on an archaic nineteenth-century classical technique, which did not involve the use of industrial machinery. My creative projects have been mainly pieces for public, corporate and private commissions. I created marble and bronze sculptures, and above all figurative subjects. My most prestigious work is on display in Italy, in public places. My efforts paid off when my work was featured in 2013 in local newspapers in Italy.

After living amongst the great artists in Italy for nearly 17 years, I immigrated to America where I now show my work at art shows and have been represented in art galleries throughout Florida. My work was named ‘Best of Show’ and I have placed in various art festivals throughout Florida.

Art inspiration is always evolving, as an artist draws from their personal experiences. My art, at this moment, tries to highlight the elements of beauty and nature that surrounds me. The seabed has a great expressive character given by the texture and complexity of the shapes. The figures that I model are graceful and stylized, clean and in sharp contrast to marine elements such as shells, barnacles and corals. My latest inspiration is a piece which will be a 3D sculpture.

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Best of Show 2019 - Englewood Winter Art Festival
Third Place Award 2019 - Port Warwick Merchant
First Place Sculpture 2019 - Englewood Winter Art Festival
Best of Show 2019 - Naples Fine Art Show
Best of Show 2018 - Englewood Winter Art Festival
Third Place Sculpture 2017 - Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

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Torso of the Roses
Indoor: Tabletop & Small Scale

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Red Octopus Transition
Wall Sculptures

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Blue Octopus Transition
Wall Sculptures

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Indoor: Tabletop & Small Scale

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Flora with calla lilies
Indoor: Tabletop & Small Scale

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Wall Sculptures

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Sea Turtle
Wall Sculptures

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Seahorse with sea glass
Wall Sculptures

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Seahorse with sea glass
Wall Sculptures

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Patina Octopus Compass
Wall Sculptures

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Wall Sculptures