Paulo De Andrea

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"Through the mind's eye, art is created."

On a trip through the Midwest my wife and I came across a plaque erected by the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology at a state park. It reads: “Dedicated to the last Wisconsin Passenger Pigeon shot at Babcock September 1899. The species became extinct through the avarice and thoughtlessness of man.” The bas-relief on the plaque showed a large bird with a beautiful long tail. I realized for the...

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... first time how true that statement about extinction is.

Throughout my photography career I’ve had the opportunity to travel and capture images of many types of birds including the endangered among them. I’ve selected these pictures to reveal their beauty and to better contemplate what a loss it would be if any one of them became extinct.

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Medium a crane chinoise

A Crane Chinoise

Medium crowned cranes

Crowned Cranes

Medium flamingo

Pink Flamingo