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Patricia Cobo

Inspired To Believe Artworks, By Patricia Cobo Gallery

"Spirituality, connection, creativity, and the desire to help others comes through all facets of my work, artistically and energetically."

Patricia is a self-taught artist, energy worker and Licensed Massage Therapist from Chicago, IL.  As an artist she specializes in Abstracts, Pet Portraits and Soul Paintings. Her therapy practice includes Reiki, Qigong, crystal work, intuitive readings, Clinical and Orthopedic body work. Inspired since her youth by her father’s artistic ability and creativity, she was also gifted with her...

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... abilities as an energy worker from him.   Empathic from birth, she has harnessed her abilities in energy work through training and mentorship and guidance from multiple nationally renowned Spiritual teachers and Shaman.  
Her Cuban roots inspire the vibrant colors she uses to express and evoke emotion. You will see that same vibrancy in her Soul Paintings as well.  Patricia infuses her energy work into her paintings, as they come from a meditative state of mind.
Spirituality, connection, creativity, and the desire to help others comes through all facets of her work, artistically and energetically.


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Medium native american 1 2mb

Native American Series 1

Medium native american 3 2mb

Native American Series 2
Drawings and Pen & Ink

Medium native american 2 2mb

Native American Series 3
Drawings and Pen & Ink

Medium wisteria 1 2mb


Medium sunset 1 1.4mb


Medium purplesky 1 1.7mb

Purple Sky