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Nicholas Stelter


""I've had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I spent summer days in my grandfather's woodworking shop learning valuable lessons. He was a skilled engraver with a meticulous attention to detail and a vast knowledge of tools. From my time working with him, and from watching my mother, a ceramic artist, I developed an eye for art and a passion for working with my hands.""

Nicholas Stelter is thrilled to create new pieces of glass art. He enjoys the creative process, seeing an idea come to life. While his pieces have similar shapes, no two pieces have the same pattern, which makes every piece unique. By exploring purity of shape and simplicity of form, Stelter creates surprisingly complex pieces that mimic the unpredictability of nature. Stelter sculpts glass...

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... within the kiln, always pushing and exploring the material and letting it show him its true form. The glass is then cold worked and polished to create the soothing shapes and organic lines that are indicative of his work. Then, he designs and fabricates complementary pedestals using brass, wood, and stone to finish each piece.

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37 Inch Golden Sunset Oval...

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Moonlit Lake Bowl on Tripod...

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30 Inch London Fog Boat 3 Tier...

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40 Inch Moonlit Lake Platter...

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30 Inch Golden Sunset Boat With...

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30 Inch Moonlit Lake Boat With...

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24 Inch London Fog Boat With 3...