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Moshe Monzon

Moshe Monzon Gallery

"For the last 35 years I have been a creative artist in various media fields like acrylic paintings ,giclee lithographs ,wall hangings , jewelry and more. On this gallery I present works of Abstract, Flowers ,Judaica, Women ,Music, Jerusalem, Landscapes and more . The first group of 43 works is 24"x30"-36" size , The second group of 44 works is 11"x14" size , The third group is tapestries "

Moshe Monzon , Graduate of the Shenkar University of Art and Artistic Textile Design (1982), receiving the Degree Bachelor Of Art & Design (B.A ). Since then, Moshe has been devoted making tapestries, Judaica, blessing, gicle’e, paintings, jewelry and more, his works have been displayed all over the world.

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moshe monzon gallery
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