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Lori Daniel Falk


"‘I believe that all art has as it’s ultimate goal, the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine.’ This fully describes my art."

Thought Leader, Lori Daniel Falk is an Epigenetic Healing Artist, Author, and Spiritual Life Coach who has been gifted with an artistic healing modality that enables her to communicate with, and share, the wisdom of the angels in both pictures and words. Her Angelic Message Portraits™ are not just images of beauty, they are epigenetic tools designed to heal at a deep emotional level. To date...

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... they have found homes in 25 countries around the world and have graced the covers of numerous magazines. Ms. Falk has been a featured guest on both radio and TV. Her art, books, products and services are available at

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Medium activationframed

The Activation Angel
Drawings and Pen & Ink

Medium angelofthehudsonsmall

Angel of the Hudson
Paintings: Acrylic

Medium sedonamagic8x10 ac 1

Sedona Magic Angel
Drawings and Pen & Ink