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Lisa Greene

Finearf By Lisa Greene Gallery

"FineARF recognizes the amazing bond that exists between dog and owner, and we honor it with unique jewelry and charms."

I never intended to design jewelry. But life had other ideas and in 1991 I found myself with a Scottie puppy named Taboo. She would be my inspiration as I quickly saw a new market for luxury products for dog owners. I started knowing very little except what I had learned thru my father, a collector of fine jewelry. I took courses at FIT to learn what I needed and asked a lot of questions. ...

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... From the beginning I knew I didn't want China in my mix. My designs would have been too expensive to produce in America so we went south and met the jewelers that became my family and make our silver still today. The dog charms were initially my hook to get into the business. We started with 10 and sold to Neiman Marcus. That partnership lasted 11 years. Thru their orders we created the rest of the non dog collection of shoes and garden and love etc. Today, 27 years later, we still make everything between New York and Mexico. Our 10 dogs are 150 and counting. Having started with heavy handmade links, we have added colored leather braid, and rubber cord and leather cord to create truly distinctive jewelry with a canine bent.

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Gemini Dog Head Bracelet
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Leather Bracelet with Dog Charm
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Cat Lady Necklace
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