Laura Rizzardini

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"Quilting and patchwork are America's brocade."

Before recycling and upcycling, quilting and patchwork embodied cherished American values of thrift and innovation. While their traditional patterns require technical expertise and have an important history as Americana, they can be more than techniques for the creation of decorative, functional works. As a fiber artist, I enjoy creating fanciful landscapes in cotton fabric and stitching....

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...’s malleability lends itself to three-dimensional as well as two-dimensional works. The texture of fabric and quilting encourages people to experience such works tactilely and visually. Patchwork and quilting permit the artist to play with perception in ways less accessible to representational artworks.

Medium future roses3

Future Roses
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

Medium patchwork sunset1

Patchwork Sunset
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings