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Jonathan Carter

Jon Carter Fine Art Gallery

"Specializing in city scenes in oil and mixed media"

Artist's Statement I am seeking to express the need for environmental improvements for people living in urban areas. These neighborhoods often lack adequate green spaces, and urban forestation. My work is largely influenced by M.C. Escher in utilizing unrelated perspectives and stairways that lead nowhere. It is also related to the work of Nigerian-born artist Akunyili Crosby, who...

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... uses a wide variety of mediums to obtain different textural effects
I express the experience of living in urban areas by disrupting perspectives, and also contrasting moods and textures. I use painting, formed collage, and a variety of materials to achieve these effects to reflect the vibrant energy of the urban environment.
I want to focus more on large mixed media constructions that essentially become the environment the viewer experiences, with the goal of featuring them as installations.
What truly drives me as an artist is bringing meaning into the world. I want to help people understand the need to get involved with making the urban environment a great place to live.

Carter’s fundamental design skills were developed while studying at the University of Cincinnati's college of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, and he went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry, then worked many years in consumer products research. He was also an apprentice with noted artist Gilbert Young. Although his initial focus as a painter was on portraits and figurative work, that focus gradually shifted to include the surrounding environment. He started focusing on urban street scenes working in oils, and now mixed media.
His work is in private collections around the greater Cincinnati area. He currently lives and paints in Cincinnati, Ohio.
• Participated in a group art show March 16, 2019 at Grace Episcopal Church in Cincinnati, Ohio entitled, “The Shift, Evolution of Grace.”
• Participated in the “SOS" group show May 31 – June 9, 2019 at the Art Academy Gallery in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio
• He showed work in a group portrait show June 7 – August 16, 2019 at Red Tree Gallery and Coffeehouse 3210 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio
• Carter’s work is currently featured at Gallery 708, 2643 Erie Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45208.
Contact Information [email protected]

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Faded Photographs, Forgotten...
Mixed Media & Collage

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Days and Dreams
Mixed Media & Collage

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Mixed Media & Collage

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Paintings: Oil