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Jill Williams

Jilly Willy's Creations Gallery

"Today I will create something beautiful!"

I have enjoyed creating unique art for as long as I can remember. My inspiration comes from the beauty of the world around me as well as the people and things I love the most. I enjoy painting angels, which comes mostly from the inspiration of my 2 children, now grown, but always mama's little angels. I also am inspired by the animals we raise on our farm. I enjoy capturing the adorable...

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... personalities of the goats and chickens in our paintings as well as livestock from our neighboring farms. Jilly Willy's Creations is a family ran business. I paint and create and design and my husband George, and son, help by doing a lot of the work that requires a hammer, staple gun and pliers. I enjoy creating unique art from recycled items. It may be a whimsical wind chime made from an old silver teapot or a painting onto an old screen door, or a spoon handle turned into a ring. I guess I'm like the fairy godmother of thrift shop items, changing pumpkins I find into coaches. I hope my artwork brings happiness to those who view it, buy it or receive it as a gift and makes your heart smile, because creating each piece makes my own heart smile. Each artwork piece I create, you will see a heart somewhere on each piece, because I put my heart into all I do. Creating things is my outlet, when I feel sorrowful or unhappy, I create and it's my happy place. The past few years, as a family, we've had a lot to deal with. From sicknesses, and deaths to having loved ones struggling in other ways that hurt my heart to see them hurting. Art has been a way for me to overcome my own depression. When things have seemed down or low, I create something beautiful to remind myself just how wonderful life can be and is, and how beautiful change can be. During 2016 and 2017, my son was in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation home. I tried to help him myself, but was unable to and knew I had to seek help for him elsewhere because I was so drained. Everything I made from selling my art during those 2 years, went to help pay for his rehabilitation and help he needed in a very good sober program. In 2017 I decided to start creating art incorporating a mustard seed into some of my pieces and made them into "Mustard Seed Angels". My son is doing wonderful now, out of the program and living on his own, working hard, is a mentor to others and has turned his life around so much. I am proud to say that 100% of the proceeds from our "Mustard Seed Angels" collection, is donated to the wonderful addiction programs like the one that helped my son. Also, on all my angel paintings, you will notice that the angels have patchwork quilts for wings. This symbolizes my belief that no matter what pieces of our lives become broken or torn apart, that it is never too late to pick up all the pieces, stitch them back together and create a new and beautiful self. I hope my artwork inspires and gives hope. I had the "faith of a mustard seed" that my son would overcome his addiction. There is truly a bit of our family's healing in every piece of art created.

History of Screen Paintings
In 1913 William Oktavec, a local grocer in Baltimore, MD, would put his produce and meats on tables out in front of his store, so that the local people could see what he sold when walking by. In the heat of the day, his products were spoiling quicker than they could sell, so he came up with another solution to get locals to see what he had to offer. He chose to paint his products on his 2 old screen doors on the front of his store. The locals absolutely loved the idea of art on screens and were interested in buying them. The screens allowed you to feel the breeze but block the view of passers-by as well. His first customer was a lady who, brought him a picture she found in an old calendar of a scene with a small red cottage home on a hill, that she commissioned him to paint on a window screen. Other neighbors loved her screen and Octavec became the first local screen artist. He was commissioned to paint the screens down the whole block. After reading this story, I was so intrigued that I knew I had to try it. I picked up a few old frames from a thrift shop and found a roll of screen at a yard sale. After watching a few YouTube videos and some frustrating trial and error, I figured out the style that worked best for me for painting the screens.

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She sewed together the torn...
Paintings: Acrylic

Medium faith of a mustard seed angel

Faith of a mustard seed angel.
Paintings: Acrylic

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A truckload of Spring
Paintings: Acrylic