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Jennifer Turner

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As a child, I was often accused of being ‘in my own little world,’ as I would daydream and play by myself for hours. Now, as an adult, I realize that ‘my own little world’ wasn’t such a bad place to be. I could be anyone or anywhere I dreamed of in my imagination. When I’m ‘in my own little world’ I can find that child inside and truly enjoy the creative process of making art! Jennifer uses...

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... her gifts as a healer and intuitive reader to create luxury art pieces that inspire healing, abundance, and uplift the environment. Each piece is carefully curated with the proper crystal and color combination, as well as feng shui elements to create an energetic boost to help balance the body, mind and spirit as well as bringing about change to your environment

Jennifer Turner, was born and raised in Aurora, IL, currently residing in Skokie, IL with art studio situated in the Chicago's West Loop.

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