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Jeff Zarinelli

Zarinelli Studios Gallery

"My inspiration is a reflection of the Baroque era artists, and my interpretation of today's world."

Jeff C. Zarinelli is a traditional artist who is mainstream in oil painting, photography, mural work and design. Jeff graduated with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in May of 2000. With a double major in design and illustration, Jeff focused his artwork with an enthusiastic painting technique inspired by the many Baroque era artists and by capturing the essence of life. After...

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... working in graphic design world for several years, Jeff turned his attention to his true passion with the fine arts and started his own business by painting murals. After evolving into an oil painter, Jeff studied artists such as Carravagio and Rembrandt to facilitate his passion. As a studio artist, he learned photography to capture better references for his paintings. Today, he gathers all he has learned (and continues to learn) to become a better painter.

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Medium marymagframe1

Mary Magdalene's Reformation
Paintings: Oil

Medium chiaroscurovino

Chiaroscuro VIno
Paintings: Oil