Irena Orlov

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Irena Orlov Art Gallery

"extraordinary in the ordinary "

I've been drawn by the magical beauty behind fine arts and design since childhood. Having a successful carrier in architecture and design for quite a long time, I began to deal with fine art. I began to look for new ways to express my emotions and feelings. The process of creating art gave me what I wanted - endless ways of expressing myself. During the creating process, I don't limit myself...

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... to a specific style or medium therefore my art is mostly represents mixed media. My creating process is based on my emotions and my mood. I'm very spontaneous. Today I might use photography to convey my feelings...tomorrow I might paint to express myself. My work is infused with spirit and energy I felt at the moment I created it. It encourages viewers to interpret it their own way. My art evokes different feelings in the audience depending on their individual experiences and memories.

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Vibrant Colorful Mid Century...
Paintings: Oil