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"Lovin' the Wood Art I Create for Over 60 years...!"

I am a Louisiana resident born in New Orleans and lived there all my life... until 2005 when hurricane Katrina flooded and destroyed the Lakeview home where my wife and I lived for many years. We moved to another home in Prairieville, La., where I built my new studio workshop and stared replacing my lifetime accumulation of woodworking tools ……………….. My designs and creations are for...

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... individuals wanting something truly unique and different...
Unique heirloom treasures for people who are not satisfied with having the same mass produced factory-made pieces that are in so many homes across the country.
All of my woodworking creations are one-of-a-kind designs...with no two being exactly mass production whatsoever. I use only the finest domestic hardwoods as well as hardwoods from all over the world.
Each step of every project I design and build is considered my masterpiece… because I want the finished product to reflect the quality and creativeness of my work. I study each piece to get ideas and details that will evolve in my future creations.
Creativeness is an ongoing lifetime learning process… I must continually be my own biggest critic and always be very happy and passionate with what I am doing if I expect my work to continually evolve and improve...
If a person cannot be satisfied with their own work they most certainly cannot expect others to appreciate every step that has gone into creating it.” ...Greg Little….

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