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Gama Neaves


""My paintings are guided by the textures that transit in my surroundings, my writings, its my passion to give an image to words and vice versa""

Born In Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, she didn’t find herself in the need to learn to see the constant beauty of an immense desert, brilliant, covered from here to its furthest places with water springs and greenery: the spirit of the artist has this natural inclination to observe without copying the sight, like when a child learns to walk because that is its condition; we can say it’s part of...

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The same way that the candidness that’s provoked by a deep sunset gets printed on the interior like a wax seal, the vivacity of the world that we transit every day, much of the times without repair from it or even without noticing, it is caught in all its character by the sight that knows what to say, that it always knew what to say.
This knowing in the sight is of a double complexity: while observing is a natural given talent, that included capacity which is like breathing, transferring the sight to that of a permanent battle to reach the magical unison. It is there that the fascination floods the environment: that instant that steals the breath, the bare act of laying a bridge between me and the other. It is that effort that Gama Neaves, in each brush stroke, obdurately repeated as how the wind repeatedly blows over dust until a rock and sediments are formed, well only that mixture of natural potency and stubbornness for a reality that escapes the common eye is how the artwork is born. The works of art are for everyone; well we all deserve to live the appreciation

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Medium 20190609 165319

Paintings: Oil

Medium 20190525 165512

Paintings: Oil

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Paintings: Oil

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Paintings: Oil

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Anam Soar
Paintings: Oil

Medium black winged soul

Black Winged Soul
Paintings: Oil