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Earnest Benton

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"For me, art is essential to the human experience. “A basic understanding and appreciation of the arts serves to broaden character and deepen the connections with those in our social circles” (A Passion for Jazz!™ 2007). I like to use my art as an opportunity to inform, educate, and ignite the interest of art lovers and students. The paintings I create depict the sounds, flavor, and vibrations of life and I hope that in some authentic way to generate an opportunity for communication and understanding."

A native of Chicago, IL, I consider myself a contemporary artist who loves painting while listening to music, (“Jazz”)!. I am basically self-taught, having started drawing when very young. My mediums of choice are acrylic and pastels, and my palette is a mixture of earth tones, cool pastels, and vivid primary colors that focus on styles, texture, and form. My process is of underlying...

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... structures, interaction of shapes, colors, and the gradation of tones. I am inspired by passion, beauty, and the abstracts and intangibles of music, thought, figure and form. My strong, colorful work is sometimes realistic and sometimes abstracted. Many of my pieces are evocative of the great Picasso in geometry and form, yet display a truly unique approach. I love to create paintings to share my visions so that just for a moment the viewer becomes a part of my story.

I have competed in and won many local regional and national competitions for juried shows and exhibitions, building a solid reputation as a well respected artist. I am actively involved in local art activities, public art projects, and participates in selective art festivals throughout the country, and private and public art exhibitions. My paintings are very collectable and hang in many fine homes and private collections across the United States including California, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, New York, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and in the collection of Northlake College in Irving, Texas, also my painting “Quaker Town” commissioned by the City of Denton Texas Public Art Projects hangs in Denton City Hall.

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I have competed in and won many Local, Regional and National Juried Competitions, and exhibitions, building a solid reputation as a well-respected National Artist.

Medium harmonyiscolor4w

Harmony Is Color #4
Paintings: Acrylic

Medium spokensoftly

Spoken Softly
Paintings: Acrylic