Three In A Row

Three In A Row by S Brian Berkun

From the S Brian Berkun Gallery

Category: Photographs

Title: Three In A Row

Description: Selectively uncolored image of three vintage trucks in a row near Walsenburg, CO, International, Diamond REO and GMC, lined up in a field

Keywords: Walsenburg, Colorado, rust, rusty relics, Three In A Row, Trucks, International, Diamond REO, REO, GMC, green, field, dog, south, southwest, united states

Theme: Vintage

Color: Earth Tones

Finish: Canvas Wrapped

Edition: Limited Edition

Style: Black and White

Surface: Canvas

Dimensions: 0'24.0" x 0'16.0" x 0'0.0"

Shipping: $40.00

Price: $250.00

Publish status: Live