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Teatime in the City

Teatime in the City by Kathie Chicoine

From the Kathie Chicoine Gallery

Category: Photographs

Title: Teatime in the City

Description: Humorous multi-layered image created through a mix of photography and digital art. Sizes available are 8" x 10" mat with 5" x 7" print for $30.00 - 11" x 14" mat with 8" x 10" print for $50.00 - 16" x 20" mat with 11" x 14" print for $80.00

Keywords: vibrant,brilliant color,fun,whimsical

Theme: Whimsical

Color: Pop Color

Finish: Matted

Edition: Open Run

Style: Color

Surface: Paper

Dimensions: 0'0.0" x 0'0.0" x 0'0.0"

Shipping: $10.00

Price: $80.00

Publish status: Live