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Springtime by Denise Johnson

From the Denise Johnson Gallery

Category: Drawings and Pen & Ink

Title: Springtime

Description: Painted with inks using multiple techniques on a unique substrate of recycled Corian a non porous, acrylic polymer. Sealed with multiple coats of varnish.

Keywords: inks,alcohol ink painting,bright,spring,vibrant,trees,forest,palm tree,beach,tropical,landscape,trees,woods,sun,desert,fence,birds,birds

Theme: Landscape

Color: Pop Color

Finish: Wired, ready to hang.

Edition: Original

Surface: Recycled Corian

Medium: Brush and Ink

Dimensions: 0'11.0" x 0'7.0" x 0'0.0"

Shipping: $25.00

Price: $125.00

Publish status: Live