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Hallelujah Quartet

Hallelujah Quartet by Dorothy Bury Shaw

From the Dorothy Bury Shaw Gallery

Category: Drawings and Pen & Ink

Title: Hallelujah Quartet

Description: Hallelujah Quartet has vibrant colors and incredible detail. Symbolism is a key ingredient to my work, and the intricate patterns are used to expand my message. Thus, the experience of viewing it is new each time. My work connects powerfully with those who value peace, spirituality, healing and empowerment.

Keywords: prayer, meditation, woman, bird, love, light, healing, spirituality, spirit, nature, yoga, flower, trees, heart, red, gold, green, song, oneness, peace, harmony, empowerment

Theme: Figures & People

Color: Warm Tones

Finish: Art Only

Edition: Limited Edition

Surface: Paper

Medium: archival ink and watercolor

Dimensions: 0'9.0" x 0'12.0" x 0'0.0"

Shipping: $10.00

Price: $65.00

Publish status: Live