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Abstract Wire Flower Bar Necklace

Abstract Wire Flower Bar Necklace by Jody Flemming

From the Jody Flemming Gallery

Category: Necklaces

Title: Abstract Wire Flower Bar Necklace

Description: This unique piece apart of jlee's Signature Collection, and is made of Copper, Aluminum, and Steel, the beautifully crafted 3D flower is placed on a copper branch using a ColdFusion process.

Keywords: Flower, abstract, wire, copper, aluminum, bar necklace

Color: Multi

Material: Aluminum, steel, copper

Metal: Mixed Metals

Gender: Women

Clasp: None

Dimensions: 0'0.0" x 0'0.0" x 0'0.0"

Shipping: $10.00

Price: $85.00

Publish status: Live