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A Great Wall, A Beautiful Wall

A Great Wall, A Beautiful Wall by Cheryle Rome Beatty

From the Cheryle Rome Beatty Gallery

Category: Drawings and Pen & Ink

Title: A Great Wall, A Beautiful Wall

Description: The title is sarcastic - snide - there is nothing beautiful about a wall that is meant to exclude - to isolate - to reject. What kind of humanity is that? Such hardness of the heart that I cannot fathom.

Keywords: pastel, black, political statement

Theme: Abstract

Color: black and white

Finish: Art Only

Edition: Original

Surface: Paper

Medium: Chalk/Pastels

Dimensions: 0'22.0" x 0'30.0" x 0'0.0"

Shipping: $50.00

Price: $700.00

Publish status: Live