Spencer Rogers

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S. Rog Gallery Gallery

"Abstract painter and photographer exploring gesture and music through creation. "

Chicago artist Spencer Rogers’ abstract paintings are a visual unification of color, gesture, and music. Exuberant, yet restrained, he creates with more faith than force allowing the sound to be his guide. The energy from the music creates movement, and the time between each layer leads him to discovery. Rogers’ paintings explore human emotion by showing rather than telling, acting as an...

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... expression of the subconscious, not the mind. They reveal the power of an improvised gesture, a fleeting moment where the body separates from thought, and creativity flourishes.

Rogers examines his large compositions for moments worth highlighting, in the same way a soloist discovers perfect moments achieved while improvising. By incorporating the latest technology and utilizing macro photography, he created a series entitled Modern Abstractions. These images capture the often-overlooked moments, amplifying minute details into grandiose images.

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Medium a 72 30x40 2016 300

Abstract #72
Paintings: Oil